Exams over, Holidays here

Yeah the CFA Level I Exams are finally over! Though it was just composed of multiple choice questions, it has got to be one of the most challenging course and exams ever, even when I includes some of the engineering courses that I have taken for undergraduate studies. There’s a couple of weeks before I am back to Indonesia to officially start thinking about business, so I guess it’s a short holidays of sorts for me. Time to catch up on those summer blockbusters, and started with Indiana Jones yesterday.

Action-packed Indiana Jones is relatively well produced, though lots of people in Singapore seems to have negative ratings on the film. Truth be told, the movie’s quite entertaining with a certain degree of humour built into scenes. Though lacking in plot and storyline, there is enough adventure and thrill to keep viewers from falling asleep. Next on the list is Narnia and The Incredible Hulk. For those who watched the 1st Hulk directed by Lee Ang, I know it was disastrous (I fell asleep on that movie). But the trailers in this re-make was pretty good and seems to have a far better plot that the first. A case where re-makes are better than originals I guess.

On other news, I am now officially an Apple convert. Will get my new Black Macbook soon (the one with the free iPod Touch promotion). And Apple’s launching a 3G iPhone as expected at the 2008 WWDC. With Singtel and Hutchinson taking distributorship in Singapore and Hong Kong, Apple’s iPhone seems to be growing in market share and maybe one day force market leader Nokia to come up with a touch screen phone themselves.


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