Jakarta Adventures

Posting from Jakarta today as I had to make a trip down to Jakarta last Sunday for Grandma’s funeral rites in her burial place. My grandma left us for a better world out there and time has just went pass so quickly that its time for the 49-day traditional rites on her cemetery. She’s buried right beside my granddad, which I never had the chance to meet in my lifetime. Ah well, sometimes I just think that maybe she could somehow meet my Granddad in the nether world and maybe continue on with their life there.

Aside from the traditional rites, I had the time to visit Grand Indonesia, the newest mall in Jakarta right by the Bunderan HI, which is right at the city centre. In addition, I got to meet my American (note: Caucasian) cousin-in-law, and went around some places of interest with him, my cousin, aunt and uncles. We got to visit old Batavia (name of Jakarta when it was under Dutch rule),  the Jakarta History Museum, and best of them all, Tugu Monumen Nasional (Monas) which I have wanted to visit. There was an observation deck at the top of Monas which enabled us to take in a scenic view of Jakarta. And since Monas is strategically located in the city centre, we were able to point out the major buildings and government institutions spread across the city. The end of the day, we went for foot reflexology and it truly washed away all the stress put on our feet! Great prices too, at only Rp43,000 per person for a 1.5 hour session.

Food as always will be on the cards when visiting Jakarta. I tried a Korean BBQ restaurant called Han-Gang at Grand Indonesia, and my dad seems to like it better than Gyu-Kaku. Then there was Padang food around Pluit, and Indonesian Seafood at Ancol. Right now, I am still stuck in Jakarta as my dad needs to visit Singapore for some family business, but I had time to get some DVDs which I have wanted to obtain like “No Country for Old Men”, “The Assassination of Jesse James”, ” December Boys”, TVB Drama “Drive of Life” and lots of others to make up the number!


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