Ferrari GT Unveiled!

Yes the above is the official released pictures from Maranello on the latest Ferrari Grad Touring flagship that will be sold as convertible-only beside the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Top-of-the-line, not a mid size GT that lots of car magazines were looking out for. So much for the anticipation of a more affordable Ferrari then!

Now, this has got to be the weakest design ever by Ferrari, look at the front grille that seems to be ‘smiling’ giving it a cartoon-ish look (think Cars by Pixar). The rear has lines of the previous Alfa Spider, and the recent Alfa 8C Competizione. Perhaps by no coincidence, both Alfa and Ferrari is part of the larger Fiat Group. Maybe they thought with a winning design like the 8C, they could carry it over to the more prestigious Ferrari. That’s where they are wrong, for the Alfa 8C looks a lot more stylish. The bulky rear styling doesn’t do it any good either, making it look like the Lexus SC430 which is also a convertible. My guess is that they had to find space for the boot (it’s meant to be a grand tourer after all) and the folding hard top.

Now after all the styling critics, this Ferrari should still find its buyers, because it is the first Ferrari ever with a folding hard-top, (barring one special limited edition Ferrari with the swivel glass top). And because it’s still a Ferrari. On another side note, Ferrari did win the Turkish Grand Prix, with Felipe Massa taking the checquered flag!


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