Proteins as Blood Clotting Factors

Proteins within the body has been used as blood clotting factors. However, scientists from MIT has developed a synthetic peptide that will transform into a gel with the presence of blood, allowing blood flow to stop within a matter of seconds. This article was published by MIT’s own Technology Review. Supposedly, a company called Arch Therapeutics have worked out a licensing agreement with MIT on commercializing the technology.

Initially in clear liquid form, this synthetic peptide forms a gel in the presence of blood. Imagine its use in neuro and cardio surgery where heavy blood loss can lead to severe consequences. In the future, miniature robots could perhaps even hold a vial of such a synthetic peptide, does its operation on site and inject a corresponding amount to stop bleeding, all without the surgeon lifting a surgical scalpel. That is what I call the future of medicine.


2 thoughts on “Proteins as Blood Clotting Factors

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