August Rush

The month of August is not yet within reach, however, I am not referring to the month, but the movie titled ‘August Rush’. The movie is about this young boy who uses music in his quest to search for his parents with whom he was separated at birth. The cast was very good indeed for what seemed like a small budget production, but the storyline and the music within is what truly brings this movie to life. Brought up in a boy’s home since birth, Evan Taylor starred by Freedie Highmore, have never met his parents and does not even know his parents’ name. Though courage, determination and listening, Evan left the boy’s home for New York only to meet a stranger, named Wizard, who takes in homeless children to train them to be street performers. Evan shows a knack for music and gains a new name to remain hidden from the NY Social Welfare Unit who are searching for the missing boy. During a police raid on the theatre occupied by Wizard and his assorted group of child street performers, Evan escapes only to arrive in a cathedral. It is within this cathedral that his genius in composing music was discovered. The movie revolves around the bonds of a child with his parents and shows the wonderful world of sounds. Whilst the storyline borders on a fantastic tale and a musical drama, it shows the power of music in touching human lives and how music can make a difference. Truly said, music is all around us, all we need to do is just to open up and listen…

For those of you who haven’t watch this show, I would really recommend it for it can manage to lift your hearts out, and makes you cheer for Evan along the way!


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