Holiday Planning!

Its the summer holidays once again, and that signals the return of my siblings from Canada! It will be a much awaited family reunion in Indonesia with a vacation to Bali in the works. Have been searching hotel resorts for Bali and I am keen on Conrad Bali, Ritz-Carlton Bali, The Westin and The Laguna. My 1st and only visit there was ages ago, and at that time we stayed at Sheraton, now renamed The Laguna. Till now that has got to be the most luxurious resort I have stayed in. Though the best beach award has got to go to Redang!

The Bali trip should be somewhere at the end of July or in August, and I am planning to take some beautiful shots for the trip this time. Talking about this, I might need to get a photo editing software and some accessories like a tripod for my camera. Any recommendations would be welcome for this newbie photographer. My camera’s a Nikon D60 by the way.

I’ll end this post with this wonderful aerial shot of East Coast viewed from the plane on take off from Changi!


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