Nice Quiet Sunday in Lampung

It’s been a nice quiet Sunday, I had the best doughnuts in town in the morning accompanied with a pink guava for breakfast. I even managed to capture a nice shot of a trishaw in the town centre which has been uploaded on my Flickr site. It’s been one of the best photos I have taken with my new toy (Nikon D60) so far. Opened this new blog of mine and added the new photos in Flickr, but other nice shots will have to wait till I gain access to faster internet or when I have more free time to spare.

Charcoal grilled Gurame was served for lunch and it was home grilled which means a healthier serving and a more relaxed ambience for the meal. Even tonight’s dinner of Nasi Uduk was superb and something that I have missed for a long time. The rest of the day was much spent on studying for my CFA Exam on this coming June. So meanwhile bear with my sporadic updates on this blog. More good things to come


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